Critical Canadian Youth Studies: The Future is Networking Conference

May 30-31, 2013, The Werklund Centre at the Faculty of Education, University of Calgary

Susan O’Neill is one of the invited scholars engaged in research related to Critical Youth Studies attending this conference and presenting a position précis:

Music that matters and youth voice: Exploring collaborative purposeful transformative engagement

Dr. O’Neill’s research explores how youth create, experience and make meaning in their lives through music and how critical and transformative pedagogical approaches can help educators create expansive learning opportunities in and through music for youth to engage in collaborative purposeful transformations. Music is a key part of the life and culture of young people, and the ways in which music influences young people is related to the ways in which they interpret it, respond to it emotionally, and make their own personal connections. And yet, we know little about the ways in which music is rendered meaningful to youth, how they use music in identity development and as a way of representing an activist project that contributes to social practices that can empower youth voice.

The conference goals are as follows:

  • Knowledge exchange in the form of dialogic and presentation sessions (which will include Alberta youth and youth workers) on directions for Critical Youth Studies.
  • Plenary position papers will be shared with audience and other invited presenters.
  • Conversations with collaborators and participants for the planned International Critical Youth Studies Conference in 2014, in Banff, Alberta.
  • Filming of interviews and dialogues with participants to be used in film creation, research dissemination, and website promotions for future work.
  • Inviting and gathering Canadian members for the editorial board of The International Journal of Critical Youth Studies in collaboration for our future issues.
  • Establishing the Canadian roots of a global network.
  • Gathering potential co-applicants, collaborators for Tri-Council, Provincial, and Canadian funding on Critical Youth Studies.

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