Dr. O’Neill awarded 2012 Miegunyah Distinguished Visiting Fellowship

Dr. Susan O’Neill was awarded a Meigunyah Distinguished Visiting Fellowship by the University of Melbourne from 1 May to 5 April 2012, hosted by the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music and the Victorian College of the Arts. During Dr. O’Neill’s visit, she gave seven invited lectures including the Miegunyah Public Lecture on 27 March titled, Understanding and engaging artists and musicians in the 21st century. Her Public Lecture was based on nearly two decades of her research in the area of young people’s motivation and identity in music learning. Dr. O’Neill gave a lecture on Musical identities to over 500 undergraduate students undertaking degrees in Arts, Science, Biomedicine, Music, Economics and Architecture. She also gave a Lecture-Recital on Performance anxiety with her husband and concert pianist Professor Yaroslav Senyshyn, which included a flute performance of the Sonata by Reinecke. The Australian Music Psychology Society (AMPS) and the Music, Mind and Wellbeing (MMW) Research Program both sponsored lectures by Dr. O’Neill for their Seminar Series. Dr. O’Neill gave a talk at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education titled, Creating expansive learning opportunities in intergenerational arts programs. Dr. O’Neill introduced the art of dialogue as a performance practice to music performance postgraduate students and gave a talk in the Postgraduate Music Seminar Series titled, What does it mean to be a musician? Expanding conceptions through relational understanding. During her visit, Dr. O’Neill met with many colleagues and postgraduate students to discuss their research interests. She was also a guest on ABC National Radio ‘Life Matters’ program with Natasha Mitchell.

Full podcast available at: http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/lifematters/performance-anxiety/3954552

Pictured here is Dr. Susan O’Neill with Professor Barry Conyngham, Dean of Victoria College of the Arts (left) and Professor Gary McPherson, Director of the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music (right), University of Melbourne, Australia, March 2012.


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