Eisner and Reimer: Loss of two influential scholars


The arts and music education research community lost two great and influential scholars and arts advocates with the recent deaths of Bennett Reimer at age 81 from cancer on November 18, 2013 and Elliot Eisner at age 80 from Parkinson’s disease on January 10, 2014.

The work of both men are well-known to MODAL researchers and they will be sorely missed.

To neglect the contribution of the arts in education, either through inadequate time, resources or poorly trained teachers, is to deny children access to one of the most stunning aspects of their culture and one of the most potent means for developing their minds.”

- Elliot Eisner (1933-2014). 

13403-Eisner_newsRead Elliot Eisner’s obituary.

“In the global culture…the recognition that all people’s needs for meaning, for significance, for sharing of experiences of feeling, are met universally through music, and are enhanced by instruction in music, adds a dimension of universality to music education that can only strengthen it politically, psychologically, and ethically.”

- Bennett Reimer (1932-2013).

ReimerRead Bennett Reimer’s obituary.


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