Imagining Canada’s Future: Six new challenge areas

The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada has announced six future challenge areas for the research community.
MODAL research group is already engaged in research related to three of these key challenge areas involving the arts and digital media technologies for:

  • informing new ways of learning (including in higher education) that foster flexible and innovative approaches to a fast-changing society and workforce
  • mapping the ways emerging in technologies are impacting on the lives of Canadian youth
  • demonstrating how youth are using the arts and digital media technologies to make positive changes in their own lives and the lives of others in today’s interconnected and evolving global landscape

The six future challenge areas are:

  1. What new ways of learning, particularly in higher education, will Canadians need to thrive in an evolving society and labour market?
  2. What effects will the quest for energy and natural resources have on our society and our position on the world stage?
  3. How are the experiences and aspirations of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada essential to building a successful shared future?
  4. What might the implications of global peak population be for Canada?
  5. How can emerging technologies be leveraged to benefit Canadians?
  6. What knowledge will Canada need to thrive in an interconnected, evolving global landscape?

Visit the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council’s website for more information.


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