ISME 2013 Conference in Chile – Keynote

9th Regional Latin American Conference of Music Education,
2nd Regional Pan American Conference of Music Education ISME
September 3 to 6, 2013, Santiago, CHILE

Keynote: Music, Dialogue, ACTION: Transformative Music Engagement for Active Citizenship
Theme of presentation: Music engagement and transformative experiences

Abstract: Encouraging active citizenship among youth involves finding ways to get young people to take an active role in their community. Similarly, encouraging youth music engagement involves finding ways to get young people to actively seek challenges, value music activities, and develop the resiliency necessary to persist and overcome obstacles. Possibilities for bringing these two streams of engagement together are increasing as today’s music learners are exposed through digital media to more complex, interwoven ideologies involving politics, arts, technology, relationships, and culture. Understanding the opportunities and constraints associated with diverse music learning contexts is also necessary. I will present findings from recent research that illustrate how we might involve youth in transformative music experiences, how to recognize affordances and constraints to music learning, and how to measure associated learning outcomes, such as increased valuing of music activities, personal and social commitment to music learning, and respect for others’ learning. There is growing momentum among music educators that recognizes the need to empower music learners and encourage active citizenship to inspire positive social change.

Biography: Dr. Susan O’Neill has an international reputation as a music psychologist and educator. Her interdisciplinary background includes graduate degrees in three disciplines: music performance, psychology and education. She is Associate Professor in Arts Education and Director of Research for Youth, Music and Education (RYME) and Multimedia Opportunities, Diversity and Artistic Learning (MODAL Research Group) at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. She was a Visiting Fellow at the University of Michigan, USA (2001-2003) and a Miegunyah Distinguished Visiting Fellow (2012) at the University of Melbourne. She has published widely in the fields of music psychology and music education. She is editor of a recent book Personhood and Music Learning: Connecting Perspectives and Narratives published by the Canadian Music Educators’ Association. Her collaborative research projects explore young people’s music engagement related to expansive learning opportunities, positive values, self-identities, motivation, wellbeing, learning relationships and cultural understandings.



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