Kazem Zabihollahi holds his bachelor degree in English Literature. His first exposure to the field of Education was when he started teaching English as a foreign language. This profession was so exciting for him that he decided to change his major in graduate school and officially dive into the broad field of Education. Ever since his first professional experience, he has worked and studied in a variety of educational, research and counseling centers. He is especially interested in the area of social and emotional development which is why he investigated the relationship between perceived parenting styles, emotional intelligence and self-handicapping for his M.A. thesis. He has recently been admitted to the PhD program in Educational Psychology at Simon Fraser University where he is determined to prepare for his long-term career in research and teaching.


Date Degree Program University
2014- present Ph.D. candidate, Educational Psychology Faculty of Education Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada
2008-2011 Master of Arts, Educational  Psychology  Faculty of  Psychology and Education Tehran University, Tehran, Iran
2004-2008 Bachelor of Arts, English Literature Faculty of  Literature and Humanities Ferdowsi University, Mashhad, Iran