Learning Together 2013: Engaging the World

May 17 – 18, 2013
Simon Fraser University, Surrey Campus

UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) has designated this week of May 20, 2013, as the 2nd Annual International Arts Education Week. Celebrations from around the world are taking place in support of arts education and encouraging arts education for the social practices of social diversity, intercultural dialogue, and sustainable development.

This presentation was a collaboration of six of the members of MODAL Research Group. MODAL stands for Multimedia Opportunities, Diversity and Artistic Learning, which highlights the scope of our research goals, which include expanding artistic learning opportunities in multi-arts, digital media arts, and non-arts areas in both schools, the wider community and globally. Many young people who have participated in our previous research told us about their engagement with music in ways that are increasingly multimodal (involving different modes of expression that include elements from visual arts, language arts, dance, and drama) as well as digital media technologies. Technology has enabled modern youth to become engaged within a globalized society, where they are not limited to geographical boundaries, and have access and opportunities to engage, communicate and explore intricate and interconnected artistic worlds, in which they have the possibilities for expansive and transformative learning. Our research now focuses on a comprehensive and systematic study of artistic learning and the multiple pathways through which youth are engaged in and through the arts, particularly in relation to youth-led initiatives and digital media. Within the presentation, different members of MODAL will discuss our collaborative research, with a focus on 1) multimodal and digital media literacies within and through the Arts, 2) artistic learning in action, and the transformative and expansive learning opportunities that emerge and 3) mapping artistic learning in diverse contexts, through engaging in dialogue about artistic learning with artists, arts educators, community/provincial arts organizations, youth and families, school district administrators, policy-makers, and industry leaders to facilitate the exchange of knowledge across different perspectives and contexts.

Nature of Collaboration:
The members of the MODAL Research Group that participated in this 90-minute presentation were Dr. Susan O’Neill, MODAL Director and Associate Professor, Dr. Yaroslav Senyshyn, MODAL Co-Investigator and Professor, Deanna Peluso, MODAL Project Manager and PhD Candidate, Jim Sparks, MODAL Artistic Learning Dialogues Coordinator and PhD Student, Gordon Cobb, MODAL Graduate Research Assistant and PhD Student and Sandy Gillis, MODAL Graduate Research Assistant and PhD Student.

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Selected Presentation Slides

Interconnected Music Learners – Youth, Digital Media and Music – Deanna Peluso & Susan O’Neill.


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