The Oxford Handbook of Music Education

Oxford University Press is thrilled to announce the publication of The Oxford Handbook of Music Education, edited by Gary E. McPherson and Graham F. Welch. The two-volume Handbook offers a comprehensive overview of the many facets of musical experience, behavior and development in relation to this diverse variety of contexts. Volume 1 discusses a range of key issues and concepts associated with music learning and teaching, focusing primarily on these processes as they take place during the school-age years, while Volume 2 brings the exploration beyond the classroom and into later life.

Dr. O’Neill’s chapter from Volume 1 is titled “Becoming a Music Learner: Toward a Theory of Transformative Music Engagement” and is described as follows: To understand what becoming a music learner means in the twenty-first century, we must first expand the lens through which we view their musical worlds. Transformative music engagement begins with a paradigmatic shift in how we think about music learners. It focuses on the idea that all music learners in all contexts of development have musical strengths and competencies. Transformative music engagement is about identifying and developing these competencies, reflecting on their meaning and how they are experienced and shared, as well as harnessing emergent and expansive learning opportunities in ways that empower learners to build on these competencies for further growth and change.

Featuring contributors at the forefront of music education from around the world, the two volumes of The Oxford Handbook of Music Education update and redefine the discipline, and show how individuals across the world learn, enjoy and share the power and uniqueness of music. For more information please visit Oxford University Press.